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Frequently Asked Questions

What about individual tutoring for any test preparation?

One-on-One Tutoring for critical reading, writing, or math skills is the most desirable way to improve your skills.

How do I register for a Test-Prep Course?

You may mail or call us. If you need help, please contact us.

What is the fee for the Test-Prep Course?

The basic fee for a one hour One-on-One lesson is $50. Discounts depend on individual circumstances. Two hour lessons are more desirable and cost less. Talk to us.

When should I take the SAT or ACT exam? (Click Here)

Good algebra and geometry skills are necessary for the math section. Since the SAT and ACT are exams for college admissions, you are also expected to have reasonably strong reading and writing skills. You should challenge yourself by taking the toughest classes you can handle at your high school. Most students take the SAT or ACT during the 11th grade or at the latest during the fall of the senior year.

When should I take the SAT or ACT Prep Course? (Click Here)

Some students prefer to take the SAT or ACT Prep course immediately prior to the SAT or ACT exam. Other students choose to take the SAT or ACT Prep course when it fits well into their time schedule. Some like to take the course a couple months in advance in order to have additional time to practice exam skills.  We recommend starting as early as possible to be properly prepared.

What if I arrive late to a lesson?

Each lesson begins promptly at the scheduled time. Call the instructor immediately.

What are the SAT II: Subject Tests?

These are one-hour multiple-choice tests that measure your knowledge of particular subjects and your ability to apply that knowledge. May universities require or recommend two or more SAT II’s for admission or placement. Students must check the requirements of their selected universities.  We offer preparation for these test as well – call us for details.

How do I register for the SAT exam?

Register online at Information should also available at your high school. You may register for a SAT Prep course via the online course registration page.

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