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The ATC Advantage

Our curriculum focuses on an often overlooked component of the testing process, a solid foundation of question and answer comprehension.  We take our time and review questions in all subject areas – even those where the student claims to be strong.  We discuss the who, what, when, where and why of each question and take input from all students.  A complete understanding of the actual question structure and analysis of the possible answers is an essential skill that most students lack.  This simple process can dramatically increase scores for students with the same knowledge base! After students have a better understanding of the questions – it is then appropriate to focus on the subject material

Our Test-Prep SAT Course

This course familiarizes the student with the test directions, helps them understand the types of questions on the SAT, and reviews and teaches essential skills for SAT success in the math and verbal sections.  Our course teaches you test-wise skills to help you become a better test-taker and help minimize test anxiety.

While many SAT courses and tutors take ‘practice’ exams to judge so-called problem areas, we do not.  These practice exams often provide a false sense of security for many students and the notion that some subjects do not need to be covered extensively.  For example – a student who takes a practice exam and correctly answers four of five questions that involve polynomial algebraic expressions would probably convince their tutor that they need no help in this area. 


What if, however, the student correctly guessed the answers to several of the questions on the practice exam in that area – based on a limited knowledge of the subject.  It is probable that during the next exam (maybe the real one) – performance in that same area could drop to one question answered correctly.

Course Description

Our SAT prep course consists of 24 hours of instruction divided into 12 – two hour sessions.  Please see our schedules for more information.

The SAT - English Prep course consists of twelve modules covering all parts of the critical reading and writing sections, including the essay writing portion. Within this scope a team of committed professionals will focus on problem solving, critical thinking and reading, as well as specific learning and test taking strategies.

The math section will include Algebra and Functions, Geometry, Statistics, Probability & Data Analysis. From our experience preparing students for the SAT test we have learned that most of the students have more difficulties with word problems than the math itself. Therefore our approach is to teach the students critical thinking and the logic needed to solve word problems. In our preparation we also emphasize other sections such as the properties of numbers, understanding graphs and charts and more.


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